With his team down a run to the Braves in the bottom of the ninth inning, andwith two runners on base and two outs, Mets sluggerYoenis Cespedes had Drew Storen Jersey the perfect opportunity to play hero and deliver a walkoff win to push the Mets ahead in the NL wild-card standings.Braves center fielderEnder Inciarte had other plans.MORE: Ugliest September collapsesCespedes blasted a 95 mph fastball from reliever Jim Johnson to deep right-center Joey Votto Jersey field butInciarte tracked back to the wall perfectly, jumping with his right arm extended over the wall at Citi Field to robCespedes and the Mets of the win. Inciarte was a thorn in the Mets' side a half-inning earlier as he drove in the go-ahead run in an eventual4-3 Braves win.


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Latest Technological Advancements Around the World

The latest technological advances have got changed the way people live their lives. The information explosion has presented us with additional resources and information than we ever thought possible. It has made existence much easier and even more convenient. Today, everything from the clothing we dress in to the foodstuff we eat is available on the internet. This has also changed the facial skin of the world of business as well. Together with the internet you can either set up your own business or work for somebody else online, that is certainly if you opt to work for someone else more than starting small businesses00.

The various other major difference in the modern world may be the transportation sector. The development of vehicles has allowed people to travel by a single place to the other by a much faster speed. It has significantly lowered the travel and leisure time for an individual and their family unit. Even in the business field there has been a great deal of technological advances in the past few years. These progress involve computers, tvs, and cellular phone equipment.

Probably the most recent technical advances that has had a important impact on the modern day world is a concept of the wireless internet. This sort of internet is employed by lots of users worldwide to communicate with each other. Wireless internet is an excellent example of the types of technological progress that have taken place in the recent past. There are various more this kind of examples and many of them learn-to-program.net include cellular phones, airplanes, steam-powered engines, and more.

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